Last night I completed my longest job yet!


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Most of my jobs have been really short. Berlin to Poland, for example. But last night I completed a run from Hamburg, Germany to Marseilles, France! It was so long I had to fill up with gas twice, and sleep twice. (Never had to do either before.)

Unbelievably, I didn't have a single accident or traffic violation, despite a lot of rain and heavy traffic in France. I did miss ONE exit, causing me to drive several hours to get turned around. But other than that, I was flawless!!

I usually choose the middle option for unloading, but I wasn't sure if I should chance it. Sat there for a minute contemplating, then went for it. Fortunately, it was a big lot and I simply had to pull forward! A PERFECT RUN!
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When the score came up I got dinged for being 13 minutes late! DOH! I was so close!!! :)
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One time, for pure interest and having time to kill I went from Aberdeen to Bratislava. It took me a few hours I remember that much and I got 4% from being lag-hit on multiplayer

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