Krueger++ mod for London Citybus 400 Regional

Bus Mods Krueger++ mod for London Citybus 400 Regional 1.1

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Jan 13, 2016
I'm having an issue using textures for the display it only works black text on a white background not white text on a black background which makes Creating logos Destis a pain




Well-Known Member
Dec 28, 2016
hi guys im having problems solving making destonations. please can someone help. Thx
Jan 16, 2016
Hi just wondering. Would you be able to make this mod. For the dart mpd and m709d thanks very much.
Jan 24, 2017
the download link is broken so is the file within init does open says the file is corrupt


Not-So Well-Known Member
Mar 15, 2017
Downloaded and worked perfectly fine?
May 11, 2016
Get a better internet connection maybe ;)
Jan 24, 2017
I do I get 300 download speed with virgin fibre optic


Mar 7, 2016
@junaid I've just downloaded it and its absolutely fine. Are you using 7-Zip? Its a .7z file so I recommend using 7-Zip (its free and great!). Also, can you post a picture of the results of an Ookla speed-test, as that would indicate and broadband issues. Of course, hide your IP and any other sensitive data if you wish.


Active Member
Apr 2, 2016
Great mod, I am trying to make my own dests using the Kruger template that is provided however when I add the roght stuff to the HOF file the dest doesn't show in game. Don't know if I am using the template right or not, but the images are the right size they need to be


New Member
Oct 18, 2017
Hey guys. How can I do to have a polychromatic matrix. The original one is MONO and i would like to have a second version in POLY. Any ideas?? Thanks