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Sir Knight

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Mar 29, 2016
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Home of the Knights Templar Logistics [K.T.L.]

We are a very brand new company just establish in this community in May 2016.

I'm creating two (2) Divisions;

USA Division - American Trucks Simulator (ATS)

European Division - Euro 2 Simulator (EURO 2)

We are not affiliated with the real world organization of the Knights Templars.

We have opportunity for you to be part of the development and growth within this company, and be greatly will be rewarding experience!.. I need your help in accomplishing this goals, and to fill these Career Job Position vacancies.

Recruiting Job Positions Vacancies - Staffs;

2 Division CEOs
2 Division Executives
6 Regional Managers
Human Resources Managers
Safety Managers
Planning and Development Managers
Public Relation Managers
Training Managers
Hub/Distributor Operation Managers
Dispatchers Managers
O/T Drivers

NOTE: We are looking for someone to design a skin for us.
If you have have time that can spare and want to be part of this development in this company, and want shares owners of the company then come and join!...

For more information Contact,
Contact me (Sir Knight) in our;

TeamSpeak Server :
Password: None


Website forum, and or PM there also..

Sir Knight
Knights Templar Logistics [K.T.L.]
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Jan 12, 2014
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Welcome to the forum, @Sir Knight and best of luck with your new VTC! Be sure to keep us updated with photos of trucks etc as you sort them! :)


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Aug 25, 2014
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Welcome aboard - I've moved your thread to the Uncategorized VTCs since you cover ATS and ETS2. Good luck to your VTC. :)