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Welcome and thank you for taking time to check us out we are a new company that is looking to get some help with getting known in the trucking world.

We offer lots of jobs convoys and just overall fun with our company we are different than most other companies out there. We strive to make sure everyone is having the best time they can. We aren't as strict as most other companies so it is easier for us to have more fun playing the game.

At the moment Knights Global Inc is both a real and race company. We do this because we want to ensure that our drivers enjoy themselves as they drive. We also think about other drivers as well so what we mean by this is the more drivers we can get the more fun we can have as a group and play and make who knows type of memories.

So if after reading the top and you would like to be part of a very new and awesome company, then be sure to put in a application on the website Company Profile - TrucksBook come check us out on our discord Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers. Hope to see you in the future with our company.

Company Rules
- Real life comes first no matter what
- Respect all drivers and convoy rules
- When playing truckers mp use tag KNIGHTS GLOBAL
- Be active/ semi active
- Please join our discord
- No trash talking over CB radio
- No purposely wrecking other drivers
- Have fun and drive safe
- Do not act like a idiot


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