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Jul 24, 2018
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Today, I've finally finalised the Chrono information and plans:

A: The Early Days (2000-2005):
Keedlestone City Transport's only routes into Rumford are the 10, X10 and 76. GHA Operate exclusively between Rumford and Snowmere.

B: Starting Small (2005-2006):
Keedlestone City Transport have won their first tender in the Rumford area: The 835! Operating between Rumford and Bexley under a "cooperation initiative" with GHA.

C: Left in the lurch (2006-2009):
GHA have pulled out of the initiative, leaving Keedlestone City Transport to operate the full Rumford to Snowmere corridor under two different routes!

D: Hard times (2009-2010):
GHA are in deep trouble, in an effort to boost profits they have put all available vehicles onto the rail replacement due to electrification works. KCT have also provided a vehicle.

E: Preparing for takeover (2010-2012):
GHA have announced they can no longer operate from their Rumford depot on Tracy Road and are pulling out of the area entirely. KCT have purchased two 2nd hand MAN vehicles and are now operating all routes exclusively.

F: Updating the fleet (2012-2014):
Keedlestone City Transport have purchased 4 brand new vehicles to use exclusively on the Snowmere corridor and have not only rebranded the route but made ridership easier by integrating the two awkward routes into one with their new DiamondLine service. Pryley depot is closed for expansion, the old GHA depot is in use temporarily. Bexley road improvements cause misery for two years!

G: Company Rebrand! (2014-2017):
Keedlestone City Transport have introduced a brand new look to their vehicles, citing "branded routes are better for passengers". Pryley depot construction is now complete. .(edited)

H: Competition (2017-2019): !!Chrono isn’t in the game yet!!
KCT are operating the 65/A and now N commercially from their Pryley depot. In an unexpected move, the local councils have offered a tender service to a small operator to run a “Lifestyle line” between Snowmere and Rumford connecting all the smaller villages. In an effort to counteract this, KCT have introduced new ticket types and lower fares!

1.8.1 only lays the foundations to these Chrono functions, meaning the most you will be able to do is drive more routes throughout the 17 years covered.

1.8.2 - 1.8.9 will be Chrono updates where I will finish adding in different events during each Chrono, there may be a few minor scenery changes but these updates will focus solely on laying the groundwork for each event.
GHA? What's that?
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