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Welcome to Keedlestone 1.8.1, a feature-packed update to the existing version of Keedlestone 1.8 planned to be released very soon. In this thread, you'll see development updates and screenshots of new features, feel free to make the most of the reactions feature to express your thoughts on what we have to share, all feedback is valuable and appreciated...

What's new in this upcoming version?
There are three main areas of improvement to Keedlestone 1.8.1 vs 1.8, these are detailed below...

Many of the existing areas that were present in 1.8 have been transformed (for example, Rumford has a new interchange with no more low bridges! And Snowmere has been completely reimagined, making it more true to the word of 'winding through the hills' with thePeaksWay.) Areas such as Bexley have been refined to provide better performance and driving experience. Furthermore, there are 4 new areas in this version, Rumford Park, Rumford Lake, Victoria Hospital and Pryley. For in-depth information on all of the areas in Keedlestone, this can be found on the new website that will launch to coincide with the release of 1.8.1.

Aswell as the routes already present in 1.8 (Rumford Park & Ride 15 and thePeaksWay 65), there are now 6 brand new routes, each with their own purpose and backstory, more information on these will be posted during the run up to the release of 1.8.1, and of course on the website when this has been launched.

In addition to the overall refinement and above elements of improvement, Keedlestone 1.8.1 will offer new and improved repaints, chronos, timetables, and a comprehensive driver's guide to aid both new and existing players to get the most out of what Keedlestone has to offer.

How much will it be?
The release of Keedlestone 1.8.1 will be £7.99, so you may be wondering, why has the price increased from £4.99 when 1.8 was released? This is purely down to the fact that 1.8.1 has so much more to offer in comparison, and we think that this is justified to still maintain a balance between great value for money and the content, time and effort that has gone into the addon from all of the Keedlestone team over the past few months. For existing owners of Keedlestone however, you will receive this update free of charge and the same principle will apply for the 1.9 update next year as promised.

What's this new website?
To coincide with the release of 1.8.1, there will be a brand new website both to see in-depth what Keedlestone has to offer and to purchase the addon itself. The purchasing process itself is rather self-explanatory, however if you have any questions on how to do this, please refer to the FAQ section on the website where you should hopefully find answers. Existing customers who have already bought Keedlestone will naturally still have access to the download regardless of this change, both this process and what happens when 1.8.1 is released will also be detailed in the FAQ section and in this thread upon release.



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First update! To complement the route diagram for one of the new routes (3, Hospital Shuttle) I posted the other day in the 1.8 support thread, here's a preview of the repaint for it. Bearing in mind it may not represent the final product as it might be tweaked slightly before release. Also for anyone who didn't see the route diagram that was posted recently, here it is again for good measure...


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Next up showing one of the new routes coming to 1.8.1, the Lifestyle Line. Wholly funded by subsidies from Snowmere and Bexley Councils, the Lifestyle Line is a circular route that runs every hour, L1 in a clockwise and L2 in an anti-clockwise direction. These routes are the best way to experience the new areas in Keedlestone, as they pretty much serve everywhere!

Having just left Snowmere Station, Citaro 282 (WIP repaint) is on its way back to Rumford Interchange...
Citaro 282.png

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Tonight I've been hard at work making some new displays for use on the Citaro Facelift (I might consider doing so for the other buses used in 1.8.1, but it might be after the release.) Each route will follow a multi-page setup that scroll automatically, one being to show the route name as in the first screenshot below, and the other/s following the more traditional route number with a destination.
Many thanks to @ThisIsAlex for giving me some advice on how to implement new fonts :)

In this update, I thought I might aswell show another one of the upcoming routes while I'm at it. A fairly short one but it proves to be invaluable to residents of Bexley and Rumford, thanks to the highest frequency of all routes in the area.

Waiting time at Bexley Tesco, before the return journey back to Rumford Interchange.
6 Image 1.png

And on its way back to Rumford, waiting at the lights before carrying on straight ahead into one of the new areas, Rumford Park (the left turn takes you to Rumford via Lakeview House as per Route 4, thePeaksWay and the Lifestyle Line routes.)
6 Image 2.png

And finally, a route diagram of Route 6 (Bexley Connect)...

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As my repaints for Chronos G - 'Company Rebrand!' (2014-2017) and H - 'Council Subsidy Returns' (2017-2018) near completion for this version, now's the time to put them all in a lineup and show exactly what will be on offer in these chronos in 1.8.1. Also completed are the custom displays for the KCT buses, giving them a unique feel to the map itself and also serves as a contrast against the council subsidised service (the Lifestyle Line), that is run by an independent company in Chrono H.
Repaint Lineup.PNG

The full list of routes available in Chrono G will be as follows...
Route 3 (Hospital Shuttle)
Every 20 mins, Rumford Interchange - Victoria Hospital via Crystal Crescent.

Route 4&5 (KCT Circular)
Every 30 mins, Victoria Hospital Circular via Rumford Interchange/Park, Bexley, Pryley & Snowmere Station.

Route 6 (Bexley Connect)
Every 10 mins, Rumford Interchange - Bexley Tesco via Rumford Park & Bexley.

Route 15 (Rumford Park & Ride)
Every 30 mins, Victoria Hospital - Hummingbird Park.

Route 65 (thePeaksWay)
Every 30 mins, Rumford Interchange - Snowmere Lakeside.

Route 65A (thePeaksWay)
Every 30 mins, Hummingbird Park - Snowmere Lakeside.

Route 65N (thePeaksWay)
Every hour, Rumford Interchange - Snowmere Lakeside. Night Bus

And then in Chrono H, the aforementioned routes with the addition of...
Route L1 (the Lifestyle Line)
Every hour, Rumford Interchange Clockwise Circular via Victoria Hospital, Lakeview House, Bexley Tesco, Pryley, Snowmere, Bexley & Rumford Lake.

Route L2 (the Lifestyle Line)
Every hour, Rumford Interchange Anti-Clockwise Circular via Rumford Lake, Bexley, Pryley, Snowmere, Bexley Tesco, Lakeview House & Victoria Hospital.

For earlier chronos, details about these routes will be posted soon. Also I'd like to take the time to mention the Facebook page for Fellowslothb Addons (linked below) For those who don't know it's a thing, go and give it a like as there may well be exclusive posts on there in the future with regards to Keedlestone!

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Quick update on the website, if anyone has tried/wants to access the old Keedlestone website then you'll no longer be able to. The domain has been transferred over to the new one, which is still having a few loose ends being tied up so it's currently private. It's still on target to coincide with the release of 1.8.1 in the next few days/weeks however, so I'll update you all when it's live and you're able to view it, either to purchase 1.8.1 itself if you currently don't own 1.8 already or to see what's new in the patch.

You can of course still purchase the current version in the meantime if anyone wants to, through the existing way of through the download centre on here which sends you to SendOwl, this method will not be replaced until the release of 1.8.1 of which again, I'll update you when that happens.


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Today, I've finally finalised the Chrono information and plans:

A: The Early Days (2000-2005):
Keedlestone City Transport's only routes into Rumford are the 10, X10 and 76. GHA Operate exclusively between Rumford and Snowmere.

B: Starting Small (2005-2006):
Keedlestone City Transport has won their first tender in the Rumford area: The 835! Operating between Rumford and Bexley under a "cooperation initiative" with GHA.

C: Left in the lurch (2006-2009):
GHA have pulled out of the initiative, leaving Keedlestone City Transport to operate the full Rumford to Snowmere corridor under two different routes!

D: Hard times (2009-2010):
GHA are in deep trouble, in an effort to boost profits they have put all available vehicles onto the rail replacement due to electrification works. KCT has also provided a vehicle.

E: Preparing for takeover (2010-2012):
GHA have announced they can no longer operate from their Rumford depot on Tracy Road and are pulling out of the area entirely. KCT has purchased two 2nd hand MAN vehicles and are now operating all routes exclusively.

F: Updating the fleet (2012-2014):
Keedlestone City Transport has purchased 4 brand new vehicles to use exclusively on the Snowmere corridor and have not only rebranded the route but made ridership easier by integrating the two awkward routes into one with their new DiamondLine service. Pryley depot is closed for expansion, the old GHA depot is in use temporarily. Bexley road improvements cause misery for two years!

G: Company Rebrand! (2014-2017):
Keedlestone City Transport has introduced a brand new look to their vehicles, citing "branded routes are better for passengers". Pryley depot construction is now complete. .(edited)

H: Competition (2017-2019): !!Chrono isn’t in the game yet!!
KCT are operating the 65/A and now N commercially from their Pryley depot. In an unexpected move, the local councils have offered a tender service to a small operator to run a “Lifestyle line” between Snowmere and Rumford connecting all the smaller villages. In an effort to counteract this, KCT has introduced new ticket types and lower fares!

1.8.1 only lays the foundations to these Chrono functions, meaning the most you will be able to do is drive more routes throughout the 17 years covered.

1.8.2 - 1.8.9 will be Chrono updates where I will finish adding in different events during each Chrono, there may be a few minor scenery changes but these updates will focus solely on laying the groundwork for each event.

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As promised, here's a preview of some of the PDF timetables I've made that will come with Keedlestone 1.8.1, for routes that feature in Chronos G (Company Rebrand) & H (Competition). I must stress that what is shown is still work in progress, and therefore don't reflect the final product, there may well be incorrect times left over from placeholder text, in addition to layout inconsistencies. These will of course be ironed out upon release. The times shown may also change when the timetable data is brought in game...


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