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Jordan Valley Trucking was a small company in late 2017. We have recently re-modeled the company and have opened the doors once again. Our aim is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all of our drivers. We allow our drivers an equal chance to grow amongst each other. If you are tired of driving alone and want an enjoyable experience that Jordan Valley Trucking is for you!

We hold multiple events throughout the week such as company convoys, and a top miles for the week, we also hold "mini" convoys throughout the week to keep our drivers interested in the game and the company. We do ask that before you join us you have 50+ hours played on ats and you are a minimum age of 16 years old this is so we can insure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all of our drivers

If you are interested in joining Jordan Valley Trucking you can go to our website:
Once you have applied please allow up to 48 hours for a response back either by email and or steam. We do in fact verify the information on the application so in turn you can be denied for lying and or stretching the truth

Contact Information:
JVT Steam Group:
JVT Website:
JVT Email: [email protected]

Owner: Ink
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