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Hi everyone,

We are a Euro Truck Simulator 2 Virtual Trucking Company and are actively recruiting for new drivers for truck drivers, pilot drivers, and radio dispatchers. We are thin on numbers at the moment and so features are not in full effect, however, we need more members to make this possible and we are reaching out to all responsible and professional drivers that own ETS2. If you want to apply, you can apply on our website, the link will be linked below. We are using the TruckNet 1.6 software which makes it much more professional. Once you are accepted into the community, you will be taken through an interview and then receive training so that you become one of our official drivers. We have a lot of ranks and divisions that make our community even more realistic and immersive. Any more questions can be asked on the website and answered by our Senior Leadership Team.

JCLogistics Founder and HR Director

Website: jclogistics.enjin.com
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Welcome to TruckSim. :)

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