OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots Jan 2016 to March 2020

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Look what you've done to my bloody shed MAN!
Is it true that Friday Night Dinner is coming March this year? I've always loved that show and can't wait for the next season. It'd be amusing to know that I found out from an OMSI screenshot!
As far as I know that is the case, read it somewhere on the internet. I agree it's a very good program, can't get enough of it atm!


Looks very much like the real thing, congrats! :D
Will it receive the white light clusters from the original E200 and the Stagecoach Blue on the front (blue from the logo, instead of the one used on the side)? 😛
Also, should the side "ARMED FORCES DAY" text on the side have an outline, as per real life? If you don't know how to do it or the program you're using doesn't allow it, I'd be happy to do it for you (if you tell me the font). :) Also, the triangle bit right next to the right light clusters should also be blue in my opinion, it'd fit the bus design more I think. :)
Eitherway, great work on all these paints. They look great! :D



EYMS Buses Really Mean Business
Its the winter of February 2018, and as loaned-in (for some reason) Leeds Streetdeck 32569 is seen here stuck fast after having overshot the stop and sliding to a halt just metres from an ambulance, a native fleet spare ALX400, namely 32249, covers the now-very-late U36 run the Streetdeck was supposed to be doing.
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