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Father and Son duo, Dagwood and Big Red spent many days bonding over ATS, enjoying not only the scenic views of California and the nostalgic sound of a jake brake but also the time spent playing something they both could enjoy, not only as friends, but as family. Naturally, they decided to take the immersion to the next level - creating a VTC.
About J&J Express

We like to consider ourselves a family - somewhere you can be yourself without being judged, somewhere you can immerse yourself into the lifestyle of a driver. A veteran of the road who's unable to continue in real life? A young teen who's simply looking to learn? We gladly take in anyone who's willing!

This is VTC does not require you to play online at all, if you aren't into that, that's fine with us! We're currently looking for Drivers. Things may change in the future as we're rapidly expanding!

If you like:
  • An immersive experience (log booking, personalized skins and mods)
  • Convoys, events or just simply showing off your truck
  • Friendly faces and good times
  • Playing Offline and Online

Then you'll fit in so well here! Though I will say, we do have a few rules and guidelines you gotta follow to keep everyone having the same great experience.

  • A friendly attitude
  • Discord
  • Active
  • Truckbook account
  • Must drive professionally at all times (crashes/incidents of any kind must be reported to staff)

If this all sounds great to you, join our Discord with the link https://discord.gg/qdGBhBM and speak to a member of staff.

Current Staff
Owner(s): Big Red | Dagwood
General Manager(s): Pink Ice
Staff Manager(s): Squirrel

PR Manager(s): Panda
What We Offer
  • Personal Truck Skins for our VTC.
  • Ample opportunity to get promoted - the more experience you get, the higher you go!
  • Convoys and Events!
  • An environment for those who aren't just looking for online play!
Our Headquarter(s) Skin

Truck and Trailer Skin

Thank you so much for reading! We hope to see some new faces and good times!

PR Manager


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