Isle of Wight - Southern Vectis Project.


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Aug 23, 2016
Hello all,
I have created a Facebook page for a project I hope to start soon which is the Isle of Wight including the Southern Vectis fleet. I also hope to add the Scania Omnicity to OMSI 2 only!
I will be releasing the Southern Vectis Enviro 400 reskin very soon, just finishing off the final parts on it.

For more information or to be kept up to date please find us on Facebook @



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Apr 5, 2016
awesome love the IOW, will it be an accurate map or fictional based on the island? good luck on your project


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Jan 1, 1970
It's all well and good having grand ideas, but do you know anything about map making or 3d modelling? From what I gather on your Facebook page you can do repaints, which is good, but all the screenshots being on either BoTW or Grundorf doesn't particularly instil confidence.
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Jul 22, 2016
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I personally think that If there were easier ways to learn about 3d modelling and map making in OMSI 2 then it would make things easier


Dec 10, 2015
The tutorials out there are about as easy as they can make it. Unfortunately, if you don't get on with them, then modelling maybe isn't for you. Of course, you can try alternative programs. It's not recommended to use Sketchup for anything but the simplest props, but programs such as gmax are easier to get to grips with but have an awkward conversion process and don't give quite the same results as Blender.