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I've come across and old backup archive for some VERY old stuff. Most of it is incomplete, outdated, not converted for OMSI 2 - but I've put them in a public archive and am putting the links here. I've not checked any of this stuff - it's purely for people who may want this stuff, or just those curious.

I ask that you PLEASE do not use anything here in your maps - this stuff is very old, normally using modified versions of original content by other authors. I'm putting this stuff here mainly for posterity.

'Barclay' was an experimental map I started building to play with some ideas between DSWN and BotW. I cannot remember what is in it - so you're probably going to get blue sky.

I kept many backups of BotW LE - these appear to be among the more recent. I've no idea if these are working copies. '111' appears to be have been the last backup created before Showbus 2017 (I think it was that year we attended). I've no idea what assets are in use there, so in all probability there's splines and objects made specifically for the map which no longer exist.

'BoTW_LH' was the internal name for BoTW 2. I'm not sure if this is before or after BoTW v2.5, but I believe it is the map featured here:

Again, another experimental map. I believe this is just a small map consisting of a bunch of experimental junctions glued together.

'Devon' was my first map for OMSI, I never finished it, and it's essentially just a small German hilly map with British names.

This is all I can find in the way of assets. I've no idea if they're left or right path, but here you go.

To emphasize, I've not checked any of this stuff out. The assets for these probably don't exist. The archives may help some people. You're free to try and get anything not working to work again, but to be honest, I wouldn't say it is worthwhile.


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I just found this thread lol and was woundering if i have permission to edit one of the map backups you made for my own use? Will that be okay i managed to find all the objects for the BOWT LH 2.23 and wanted to edit and add new stuff to it. Will this be okay?

Thanks Swagkillerjam2019 :)

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