Iomex UK Roads Custom Junctions

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It's a PROFILE, guys!
Dec 3, 2017
Hiya all,
Is there anyway I can make custom junctions using Iomex's LHD splines like junctions seen in Cotterell? Or would I be okay to use splines from Cotterell to create my own map? Anyone with answers is greatly appreciated.



Dec 10, 2015
If you're familiar with Blender (which you should be), then the best way is the proper way - model the junction and path it up with OMSIObjEditP.exe

But to answer the question, Cotterell employs 'invisible junctions', where the junctions are laid out with splines such as tarmac surfaces, pavements, etc. We then get a cube object (which has an [onlyeditor] tag, and open THAT in OMSIObjEditP.exe to attach the splines. That is then placed in the relevant place on the junction in the editor to add paths to it.