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We have now introduced a new rule regarding signatures:
12. Signatures are not permitted to be taller than 128 px (6 lines of default-sized text), contain more than 1 image, contain images wider than 800 px, or be overly intrusive (e.g. including garish colours or distracting animated content). All content rules also apply to signatures.
We will give all users who are currently in breach of this new rule 1 week to comply with the new rule, your signature must therefore be compliant before the end of 2017-10-31. After this date, signatures breaking the new rule are liable to be edited or removed by staff and signatures that are overly long will be cropped automatically when displayed in threads.

We've implemented this rule as a result of having to edit several signatures recently that were distracting and the fact that we've been noticing an increase in the amount of page space being wasted by many users having large signatures.

N.B.: Emoticons/Emoji do not count towards the image count.



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Just a reminder to everyone that the one week grace period expired a while ago and overly long signatures are being automatically truncated by FF systems. If part of your signature is missing please do not report it as a bug, it means you need to shorten your signature :)
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