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The forums are now as active as ever, and we're still growing. This means more threads and more posts, and a load of inactive threads with it. This is why we've now made the decision to introduce the Archive and Trash sections, down at the bottom of the forums.

This is an idea we've found works well in many other forums, so we decided to adopt the idea over here. It means that, rather than being hidden or deleted, old and inactive topics will be moved to the Archive forums, whilst threads that break the rules or are considered to be 'useless' will be moved to the Trash forums. This means that we will have organised threads for future reference and public view, rather than the threads being stuck hidden and only for staff to see.

This means that we've had to adjust the rules and regulations for all users (including staff) to accommodate the changes. The adjusted rules are as follows:

  • If a thread has been inactive for more than 60 days, it will be moved to the Archive. All threads in the archive sections are automatically locked, and cannot be posted in by anybody apart from staff*.
  • If a thread disobeys the rules (and doesn't require to be hidden) or is considered to be 'useless', it will be moved to the Trash.

*Please note that these rules do not apply to some threads, including staff announcements etc...

If one of your threads that you started has been archived (including WIP threads), you are able to PM a member of Community Support to ask for it to be 'revived' and re-opened. Please only do this if you are going to be using the thread and intend for it to be active again. Additionally, please note that the staff reserve the right to refuse to reopen an archived thread if they see fit. Please only ask one staff member to reopen your thread. Please speak to an Administrator if you wish to appeal a decision made by a staff member.

The Work In Progress forums will have their own dedicated Archive section, which follows the same rules as the normal archives.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, feel free to ask them below.
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Apr 1, 2016
Great idea. What I like is that the "owner" of the thread can ask for their thread to be revived at good reason. Good choice team!
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Can it also work in reverse, so say for example you were going away for 6 months, could you ask for it to be archived?


Can it also work in reverse, so say for example you were going away for 6 months, could you ask for it to be archived?
Yes, this will actually help us out quite a bit with keeping everything organized :)