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The Baron
Interview with @RickH - Rick is the creator and current owner of Euro Truck Radio. Founded in 2014, Euro Truck Radio has since become an increasing community with over 100 daily listeners and a Facebook community of nearly 4,000 likes.


What is your full time job?

I am the one and only IT tech for a company with over 200+ employees.

What are your favourite books? Movies? TV shows? music? Games? Foods? Drinks?

Books? What are they? . Since the only hobby's i have are PC's and PC gaming, I spend most of my spare time with my family and gaming.

How did you get in to Truck Simulation games?

I was looking into getting Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a few months. Once a sale was around I bought it. After playing for a few days I looked into any future plans for MP. Once installed ETS2MP. I have never looked back!

Why did you create Euro Truck Radio?

When I buy a game I always think "This would we better with..." The idea of Euro Truck Radio popped into my head. I did some research, nothing was around. I have done internet radio in the past without any real success, so I thought I would have another go at it. I got the domain, server and website up. Posted it on Forums and got some great feedback and interest. Since then we have had our ups and downs at Euro Truck Radio but with the community, Multiplayer developers and ETR staff its been a huge success.

What is your favourite part of running Euro Truck Radio?

The community events. Seeing the listeners in game shows how much Euro Truck Radio is part of the community. Been able talk to them, drive and have a good laugh at the same time makes it all worth it.

What is your least favourite part of running Euro Truck Radio?

Mainly the hard work everyone puts into it. Some of our team speak 8+ hours a day trying to get the radio to be its best but like i said before. Its all worth it!

Do you have any future goals?

Our main goal is to get a partnership with SCS Software. For the main game developers see our hard work and then approve us as part of the SCS community would be a huge achievement for Euro Truck Radio

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

I love to make new projects. We have a few in the pipe work. Another way I relax is to play other games, not just Euro Truck Simulator 2. Just having a few hours on Payday 2 or DayZ mod gets my mind set for more work with ETR.

Side note:

I like to thank all our listeners and ETR staff that make ETR the huge success it is now. Without either of them ETR would just be another website on the internet!


Thank you, @RickH for sitting down with us for a totally out of the blue interview!


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