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InterStar Transport
About Us: We have been around since October 2nd 2015 we have had our first year anniversary and our second year should be much bigger. The founder of InterStar Transport is Jamo and there has been a lot of changes within the VTC with different management moving around and also leaving due to real life details, us at interstar we try our absolute best to meet everyone's needs within the VTC.
What We Do: There is four levels of training course you will have to come across while being within Interstar BUT if you fail that dose not mean bye bye, It shows the instructors were your weakness points are within your driving or parking and maybe hazard perception so dont panic if you fail we are always here to help.

Our event team try and meet all goals while doing there job some times it can be stress full and sometimes and can be easy as cake but they do try and get staff members involved with events such as Lead or Tail or maybe convoy control, As with out the help from convoy control the events we do would not work out as they do with having them around.

Recruitment team do a great job getting interviews done and getting people in were they need to be or looking if your the right candidate for being one of our great drivers or maybe looking to get them in a general position within the VTC such as, event team or part of recruitment or maybe the academy side of things not unless you can do development work such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JS and the rest.

Our Divisions:
  • Transport division C1
    • Curtain, Remigrated, Pannels Trailers
  • Transport Division C1+
    • Curtain, Remigrated, Pannels Tamdoms
  • Haulage Division C2
    • Diggers, Excavators, Helicopters, Low Loaders
  • Haulage Division C2+
    • Train, Crane, Concrete pillars, Over Size Trailers
Information you need to know:
  • Good English skills and understanding also,
  • Have 100+ hours in-game via steam,
  • Certain bans are no aloud, Optional
  • Having a mic, Optional
  • Teamspeak,
If you can mark most of these of then go over to
and click on join us and fill in one of our application forms please make sure all fields are filled in correctly

Thank you for reading from
InterStar Transport | Chief Executive Management


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