Interior Lighting Modification: Assistance

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Mar 31, 2019

I am modifying the TransBus ALX400 (for my own, private use) and require some assistance with the lighting.
V3D's ALX400 has two different coloured lights on the lower deck which are separate from the other lights.
I was wondering how do I modify a vehicle like this?
I have the required texture file, but what else must I change? Something in the scripts folder or...?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your help.

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Mr GM Buses
Apr 4, 2017
I recently did this with the Fleetline, making an edit to the relevant light entry within the .cfg in the model folder.
Road-Hog123's OMSI quick reference helped work out what's what Quick Reference: Keywords

At a guess. you'll probably need to check the [interiorlight] tag in the .cfg.

Working out which light entry was which took a bit of trial and effort because they weren't clearly labelled.
I ended up changing them all to different rgb values to work out which ceiling light needed to be changed!