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All vehicle insurance companies in the UK are thieves.

Why doesn't everyone drive/ride without insurance? Just to prove a point... It'd be so much easier, less expensive and less hassle than the confusing systems that Insurance companies put in place to empty your wallet.

I don't drive without insurance... All my vehicles and motorbikes are insured (so don't investigate me ;) ) but I'm saying that I don't see the point in insuring something that's worth more than it's value.. For example... My motorcycle costs £3,000 and my insurance is £1,300 which is more than a third of the bikes value.


I'd love to hear from you international users what the insurance system is like where you live...



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I am not sure since I'm not even old enough to drive a car but I know here in Bulgaria there is some sort of insurance you MUST have on your car which covers the damages of the car you've crashed into if it's your fault. I think it's something around 300-700 leva (150-350 euros)
and I think you have to pay it yearly. And I think there's one for the kinda same sort of money you pay monthly for your car which insures all damages on your car. This actually isn't a small amount of money because average wages here are 300-400 euros monthly.

Again, I'm very unsure of this but it's something like this. I'm just telling this based on some info I remember from my dad telling me about the insurance of his car a while back.

Gotta ask him again and tell you if what I said is correct :p

EDIT: Oh and also, this is the insurance of an SUV.
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I purposely am not driving yet due to this. Pathetic country at times, it really is.


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I'm also not behind the wheel because of this. My first car, I know will be half the price of the insurance at least. It's pathetic. >Lives in UK.
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