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The name of the company means that you don't want to make the company famous but i want to make it famous and well known in the game.
My ideas with this new company are to make it big with a lot of members. If we have enough people in the company we can start organizing convoy's for our own members and participate on convoys of other companies.
Because this company is new I will listen to all the ideas of members so we can make this company well known and good running.

Hopefully you will see something in this new company and are ready to help me to make it famous.
The company includes a Dutch and English section in the company. The main language will be English.
You can have a look on the website: for more info and photos.

The company is launched on 17.09.2020 and i have allready some employees in my VTC. I am always looking for more interested people who wants to join.

Antonius91, leader of VTC Infamous Operations.


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