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Map Mods Improved Stagecoach Scunthorpe AI (1 Viewer) 2018-12-26

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Improved Stagecoach Scunthorpe AI - More realistic, varied AI for Scunthorpe 2016

This is an improved AI pack for Scunthorpe, creating a more realistic and larger variation in the AI buses driving around for Scunthorpe. This pack includes the Enviro 200 as teh main single decker, teh ALX400 and C400R for Stagecoach double deckers, the A21 for one of the AI only routes and the Citaro Facelfit UK for the Humber Fastcat route.
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There is a problem with this product. The only ai bus that shows is the Enviro 200 but there is no sound coming out of the vehicle and the rollblinds are not showing. I have installed everything (even the rollblinds) but it is not working. Please help


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I need help. The buses with digital dests are only showing Not in Service and when I click on that bus, it shows up as the Botw 2.9 HOF


Sorry! Not in Service
Change the buses set hof file for the map. You can’t expect a mod creator to do everything for you and for everything to work out-Of-the-box...

It also depends on how you have the map set up. If it’s different to how the mod creator has it set up then it’s going to be different. Read into how to make buses read the correct hof file. YouTube often helps. So does google
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