Iheart radio stations in ETS2


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Dec 20, 2017
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Hey everyone, I am having a real hard time adding my favorite local radio station to ETS2. I found a few threads about this and tried what they were suggesting with no luck. I am hopping that someone on here is a little more computer aware then I am. Here is a link to the radio station I am trying to listen to,


if anyone could help me to get this station in game I would greatly appreciate it.


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Aug 25, 2014
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You'll need to find some sort of server for ETS2 to connect to in order to play it. For example, IceCast servers have a link of the radio station that is constantly streaming. Whenever the server has something playing, it'll play in game. If you look down you live_streams.SII file you'll see they all have either a server link or a .mp3 link. Easiest way would be to contact the radio station and see if you can ask for it. "I'm trying to connect to your radio station in game however I need a stream file link."

Personally, I couldn't even press play on the weblink you provided, so maybe he's not always streaming. With a Web Developer program and some know-how you might be able to find a stream link when he is live but I couldn't see anything I'm afraid.
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