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Hi I just want to inform everyone I quit i have had it with everything and I'm sorry bowdenham will be taken over by my friend and will be completed it but i quit

I know this thread is going to get trashed by moderators straightaway so let me make this straight to everyone

Why did i quit?
Constant bullying by staff make me not want to do anything people who i thought was my friend turned against me and i know they will trash this thread straightaway and i would like my account deleted the mere existence off me on this forum deleted for good

You got your way I'm gone now from FF i wont ever return if you want to bully your members off the forum for no good reason then take that as well because i have had it

Anyone who wants to stay in contact with me PM/DM me and i will tell you how

many thanks for all the great time and friends i have made but i have to do this before something bad happens


Not open for further replies.

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