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This is a message to announce my resignation from this community.

Over the past couple days, I have received a overwhelming shocking amount of bullying and harassment from certain members of this community. This bullying has involved death threats, offensive and false remarks and accusations, and having people turned on me.

These people I thought were my friends but evidently not. I do not know who to trust anymore. These people have made me so stressed and betrayed that I have to announce that I give up with this community.

I will be staying in some communities to do stuff, with people who genuinely accept me for me and not someone I'm not.

I have tried to do a lot for this community, I put over a weeks worth of hours into the Olympian, for you lot. I could have spent this time doing other things, and I'm kicking myself for not. Don't come crying to me when you see people who genuinely can accept me for who I am with the Olympian and you only get a kick in the teeth.

Never have i felt so sick.

Moderators, please can you remove all my downloads, delete this account and keep this thread open if thats ok with you.

And to those people who bullied me, you know who you are, thanks for all this. I already have a problem making and talking to friends as I'm worried about saying things to them in fear they'd stop liking me and I'd be treated like how I was bullied yesterday. You have made it worse.

I'm aware of a certain incident yesterday which I played a part in, which I am guilty and remorseful for, but it did not have to happen, if the bully hadn't kept leaking information to this person, which was giving him stress. The bully was feeding information from what was a small incident that he made too big a deal from. Another person was involved, givng the person hassle with DM's and I've broken relationships with them.

Trah. I wish most of you good luck in your future endeavours




As per our Terms of Service, we only accept account closure requests via. our admin email address: [email protected] (ensure you send the request from the email address associated with your account).

I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered these issues here, but staff cannot deal with them unless you make us aware. Please do feel free to report any content to the Moderation Team, and you can also get in direct touch with the Administration Team (in complete confidence) via. the email above or PM :).

We've made the decision to close this thread but keep it public to prevent any arguments etc... I hope you understand.
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I guess really this can apply to everyone:
If you experience strong negativity directed at you or others on these forums or the Discord server, please report it to the moderation team either via the "Report" button below each post and conversation message, or via a private message to a moderator or admin. We can only deal with what we know about and this will bring it firmly to our attention. If we find members to be bullying or insulting others action will be taken - we won't tolerate abusive behaviour here.

If messages are being sent to you outside the forums or the Discord server, we can't do anything about it ourselves. We're not the UK Omsi police or anything, we just run this forum and it's associated Discord server. The best advice I can give is simply to stop those people from getting the response they want. Ignore the messages that are sent if you can. Mute or block the users who are sending the messages if you really want rid of them. If the messages are sent on a moderated message board, i.e. a Discord with moderators or another forum, report the content to those moderators so they can deal with it (hopefully in a similar manner to here, but we can't guarantee it). If the problem isn't being fixed or is very prevalent, there is nothing to stop you simply walking away and leaving, there's a good chance you'll leave the bullies behind.

I guess my point is this: if you do nothing, or aggravate those who insult and degrade, the situation can only get worse. If you take action and tell those in power or just simply close the communication channel with those people, you're getting yourself closer to a better situation. Don't just stay put and get bullied, take action to stop it.

Have fun out there, after-all you're hear to discuss your interests and your hobby which you do for enjoyment, so why make it suffering instead? :)
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