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Hughes Transport Services has now opened its doors! We are a leasing company, dedicated to offering low price leases to qualifying drivers. You lease with us, you drive with us! It's that simple!

TOTAL LEASE: $335,000
DOWN PAYMENT: $250 - paid at time of first settlement check
LEASE PAYMENTS: $100 per trip
INSURANCE: $75 per trip. - Insurance is required to be kept on the leased equipment at all times.
MAINTENANCE: $25 per trip - Maintenance accounts are created for each individual upon lease acceptance and approval.

Upon acceptance of your lease application, all new hires must start a new HTS profile in American Truck Simulator. You pick the truck of your choosing with any base plain color. At the beginning of each work week, we will update our dispatch page to show the number of loads required for each driver for that week. You choose the loads and deliver them! At the end of each trip, submit a trip report via our web page. You are paid the full load monetary compensation that the game gives you, minus the per trip lease, insurance and maintenance payments. EXAMPLE: You earned $5000 in game for a trip. You report that in the load report on the web page. We deduct $200 from the $5000 for the various payments (plus any other fees such as down payments) and you get credited the rest to your settlement check! All fuel purchases must be posted on your trip reports. The total fuel payments will be processed weekly and taken from your final settlement check. More detailed information can be found on our web page.

All in-game accidents must be reported on your trip sheet. You are responsible for a $1000 insurance deductible then any other accidents are covered under your insurance with HTS. Insurance is billed at $75 per trip and YOU are billed $250 per in-game accident to simulate covering repair costs. Each $250 is paid out of the $1000 deductible. The insurance resets after every 30 day period. No more than 25 accidents will be tolerated per 30 day period. Any more than 25 accidents will void your current lease.

All in-game tickets must be reported on your trip report. The full in-game fine amount will be billed to the driver and deducted from the settlement pay for that trip. Their are no limits to number of in-game tickets (since they can be easy to get in-game).

All maintenance and upgrades must be requested before you can upgrade your truck or conduct maintenance in-game. Maintenance will be approved for minor in-game maintenance. Any upgrades must be approved through our maintenance department. You must have enough in your maintenance account to cover the costs of the requested upgrade.

We look forward to working with you all! Please come on over and take a look around. Please note that we do not require MP or any other for leasing with HTS. All lease operators can work as they wish with other VTC's. All we ask is for our drivers to complete the minimum weekly loads as posted on our website!

If interested in leasing with us, please head on over to and take a look around. Our lease application can be found under the LEASE DEPARTMENT tab on the website!

Welcome aboard!
Chad - CEO - HTS
[email protected]
[email protected]

**We will still be updating and constructing the website over the next several weeks.
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