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Hughes Transport Services is a new company, recently opened, looking for the first drivers and staff to join our ranks. Since this company is new, we are still working to set up all the forms and applications but have a basic template setup and are ready to start operations. We are seeking qualified Company Drivers, Owner Operators and Staff/Management personnel. For a detailed list of open and available positions, please review the RECRUITING PACKET link provided below.

Hughes Transport Services utilizes a different setup to begin the hiring process than most VTC's that I have seen. To start, we ask applicants to fill out a very brief PRE-HIRE form with very basic and generic information with only a couple questions. Upon review, if we feel that a working partnership would be beneficial to us both, we will offer a conditional approval dependent on review of a full application. The reason for this is we believe that it is not beneficial to us or you to fill out this lengthy application and go through the entire recruiting process only to find a partnership wouldn't be beneficial to the company or you.
1) Fill out PRE HIRE FORM
2) Upon acceptance, fill out the full APPLICATION FORM and RELEASE OF INFORMATION packet.
3) Recruiters will review and investigate the information and make a final hiring decision.

While it may seem like a step backwards from other VTC's, Hughes Transport Services offers a competitive wage based on REAL company wages. While the pay rates seem really low, this is to simulate the rates that employees may make if employed with real companies. With that being said, we do also have deductions that come out of driver pay for both Company applicants and Owner Operators. While it's true that Company Applicants don't have to make truck payments in the real world, we have included some things like that (Company drivers making truck payments) to keep things fair between going Company or Owner Op. with Hughes Transport Services.

In addition to standard pay rates, each driver is set up with a profile. Driver advancement is dependent upon graduating through a tiered system with Hughes Transport Services. Drivers have milestones they need to reach in order to advance through the tiers. The ranking system is as follows:
Tier 0 - 5

Each dispatch completed nets the driver a small amount of points added to their profile. To advance to the next tier, drivers need to achieve mileage AND load completion milestones.

Drivers are paid upon acceptance of each trip report submitted. EXAMPLE: Driver submits trip report - Manager reviews report and sends information to Payroll - Payroll pays driver upon getting the information.

For more detailed information on Hughes Transport Services, please use the following link to access our recruiting packet:


NOTES - Hughes Transport Services does not utilize a forum or anything for employment. All dispatches are sent out via email and trip report forms and various forms are provided upon hire.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!

Chad - CEO - Hughes Transport Services VTC
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Hi there and welcome to the forums! Make sure you read our rules and guidelines on advertising your VTC. If you have any pictures it could entice more of a crowdand get more interest then just blocks of text. But anyway, if you have any questions feel to send me or other community members a message :)


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What Mat said. ;)

Welcome to TruckSim and good luck to your VTC!


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Thanks for the response :)

I would like to make an update to what I posted earlier.

I have started to work on a base template for a webpage with intention to link the company information/links/application forms/other items with an easy to use interface. At this time I don't want to utilize a forum as Hughes Transport VTC is aimed to break away from that standard format.

I'm not going to post any webpage links as of yet as I'm still working on it :P. My goal is to have an easy interface to access important company information and links to forms with easy to reach tabs within the website. Examples: Recruiting tab: Recruiting information and links to the pre-hire application form. DRIVER COMMUNICATIONS: Requesting dispatch and Trip Report form - also a separate tab to access the days/weeks dispatch assignments. PAYROLL: Tab to access a generic payroll spreadsheet for the week. (NOTE: Paystubs/paychecks will be emailed to the driver with a detailed listing of what is on that paycheck). Finally I want a section where the employees can submit concerns or suggestions to help push the company forward and make Hughes Transport Services a better place to work.

My future goals with the company is to make the company employee ran. What I mean is I want to set up a type of committee what oversees what the drivers/staff want in the company and then work to achieve those needs/wants/goals.

Finally, I would like to make a shoutout :). (My apologies if this breaches any terms of service or forums rules. By all means edit or delete this if I do breach any policies of this forums)

I would like to make a shoutout to the folks over at Nerd Herd Freight! I have had the privelege of working with Guss in the recent past and he is a great guy. If you haven't already, give them a look!

I know this might seem counter-intuitive to recruiting for Hughes Transport Services but I support them over there and people at other VTC's as a lot of work goes into each respective VTC.

NOTES: Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or anything to post yet for Hughes Transport Services. I'm not skilled at all with making skins or mods. If I get these in the future I will add them but it's not my primary focus at this point :)

Chad - CEO - Hughes Transport Services VTC
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