Answered How to make bus


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May 19, 2018
Hi i was wondering if anyone knew about how i would go about making a bus and which software is best/better, i have attached photo of what
bus i would like to make if possible

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I'm a Scania
Apr 19, 2017
It amazes me how often this topic comes around and around.

To sum up what most people say:

Try your hand at Blender (don't do what I've done - avoid Sketchup)
Don't use paper buses as diagrams, they aren't always accurate
Search up online for videos on how to use Blender. There are plenty of them.
Don't be over ambitious.
Start with a basic shape like a rectangle, and once you're competent enough with the process of making it and getting it in-game, gradually build up to doing the bus. As in don't go straight into doing the whole bus first time, it isn't easy that way. (again, don't do what I've done)

Although of course it would be pretty cool to have a Bristol LH in OMSI. We could do with some older UK buses.

Best of luck