How To Make A Bus In Blender

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Transbus Guy
Apr 16, 2016
Hi guys i am lemon and i am wondering about how to make a bus for omsi, i know a lot of people have been asking me and i would like to know some tips on how to make a fully functioning bus for omsi and with Right hand drive.

Deleted member 422

To make good buses in Blender you need:
  • Reference Photo's
  • Skill
  • A heck of a lot of patience
Its not that hard, learn Blender, choose a bus, find reference photo's and textures and it just falls into place. Try watching @Lowlander21 's streams as they can be really helpful. We'd all like to see more RHD buses in Omsi, so good luck with it all.


Veteran Member
Apr 5, 2016
1.Learn Blender
2. Take loads of reference pics of all the bus
3. Learn how to script
4. Model the bus
5. Script


An Orange Bus
Dec 10, 2015
i would like to know some tips on how to make a fully functioning bus for omsi
1. Use tris and quads (which cannot possibly be concave) instead of ngons to avoid triangulation errors.
2. The order of meshes in a model.cfg is the order they will render in, and render order matters greatly for translucent objects.
3. Specular does not apply to polys with transparency.
4. Low-level ambient lighting and shadows should be baked into textures to improve appearance of objects in Omsi's simple lighting engine.
5. An object can be lit by interior lights while also having multiple lightmaps applied to it.