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Hello everyone,

I know I am new to the forum but I would like to ask a question about making mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2. As I would like to have a pop at making a UK bus mod for the UK part of the map with some UK buses for AI only traffic and I will purchase a couple of 3D models for this purpose that are licenced for mods like at. Another mod I am looking at taking on is adding some emergency vehicles such as a present day Scania and a 1976 Thornycroft Nubian fire engine and add those as AI traffic in the game as a mod.

I have some Oxford Diecast models of both the Scania and the Nubian fire engines. I am willing to invest in a 3D scanner to capture the data that I assuming that could be ported right into Blender. Having seen some handheld 3D scanners for around £108-200 on eBay (cheaper if I hire a 3D scanning company instead). So its something I am willing to invest in to make the modelling part of the project easier to make and port it into the game.

Having made some repaints for both Train Simulator and OMSI 2 in the past. Knocking up some liveries/paintjobs for the vehicles won't be a problem. However I would like some advice or links (or both :) ) to any tools or a step by step tutorial on how to get started as Google isn't playing ball on the results as it comes up with tons of links on site where to download ready made mods which isn't helping.

Should I be successful on getting the projects working in the game bug free. The mod will be publicly available as freeware either here or in the Steam Workshop as and when its done.



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Hi there, personally myself i'm not really sure what goes behind making ai mods as i'm not a modder myself, however you could possibly post this question on the scs forum as thats where modders are usually lurking around. Alternatively you could ask jazzycat as he makes many ai mods so im sure he may be able to help.


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I would initially start off by learning to model in Blender. Diecast models are not suitable for 3D scanning from, and it would be wasted buying 3D models as they will have far too many polygons. AI vehicles tend to be fairly low detail as well, so there is that to bear in mind. If you can get a 3D model made, textured and exported then it's a simple matter of editing a few sii files.
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