How does Aerial Imagery work in OMSI 2?

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Sep 13, 2016
I know how to use it but I have no idea how to get a image for the imagery... Is there an up-to-date way of getting something like google maps into OMSI to put roads over to make OMSI maps?


Creator of the E400 MMC and Bristol Airport map.
Nov 1, 2016
This tutorial explains it: Dev Tutorial - [Editor] Aerial Imagery

You are able to get Google Maps into OMSI 2 which is up-to-date within the last year. However, Google Maps only provides 256px imagery which is inadequate for any detail and is difficult to distinguish roads.
Bing Maps provides your a full 2048px image which is great for tracing roads which is what I use. To use this feature you need to go to the Bing Developer centre and obtain an API key. The only problem with Bing Maps, that I found, was that it is quite out-of-date. Especially for the area I'm working on is Bing is 6 years older than Google Maps.

Take your pick, but that tutorial explains it all.