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I want to change the Static buses paint scheme at bus station, garage and depot on BotW 2.9 from Devon to Arriva, how do I do this? I have had a look at the files but I can't seem to figure out what I need to do. This is for my own personal use and I don't want the makers of BOTW to think I am not grateful or think badly of there work as that is not so I just love Arriva and like to change stuff to it if I can.



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go to OMSI 2\vehicles\London Citybus 400\texture\livery_R and copy the body texture only of the arriva repaint you want to use. Then go to OMSI 2\Sceneryobjects\UKDT\BotW\London Citybus 400 Static (Devon)\texture\repaints and delete the devon repaints and paste the arriva one in there. Go into the repaints.cti file that is in that folder and delete all but one of the repaints listed. On the bottom line of the section, delete the BotW_Exterior_R_Standard.png and replace it with the exact name of the repaint you pasted into the folder (don't forget to add .png to the end if you haven't copied it already)

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