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I cannot for the life of me figure out how window repainting works in this game sometimes. And this goes across many buses in this community - some have templates, some paint over the livery, some don't have templates at all. Is there a general rule of thumb?

Here's my conundrums:
  • C400: This has already been covered in a video, yes, but I don't have the time to watch it right now. You have a window template for inside and out which is smaller than the livery template itself - are you supposed to scale it up and down again?
  • ALX400: My biggest bugbear - where is the template? Does one even exist? Do I have to overwrite something? I know it's possible,
  • Citaro Facelift: I think I already know this one, but I'm just curious - is it a case of painting over the windows on the template?
I can't test a solution right now, but I feel like it's very neccesary information to satisfy a confusing issue. I've never understood window templates, and I hope this will help somewhere down the line.



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Is there a general rule of thumb?
No. :(

wrt C400: the windows are mapped the same as the main template, so you just need to put the paint on a transparent background. The size doesn't matter. The inside and out are separate files so you can replicate the fact that the adverts are only printed on one side of the vinyl.

wrt ALX400: the destination screen is repainted on the main texture file, the rest is a transparent texture with the same mapping as the main texture, just like how the C400 is done. Look at the included U-Switch advert to see how it's done.

wrt Facelift: not tried repainting this, but I think you're correct.


EYMS Buses Really Mean Business
It's been a month, yes, but now that the Regional ALX400 is out, I'm restarting my repaints in earnest. However, I've noticed on the repaints some have put out for it, there's usually nothing the windscreen. The repaint I am making - see below - has characters on the windscreen, and also, many other operators have stickers of some sort on the windscreen. Is that window mapped for repaints or not? If not, be a shame if it wasn't.

(Image courtesy of Alex Noble(?)))

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