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Here is update 5

Welcome back to a other update. I ve done all my switches that I need. Iam waiting for my servos to come in so i can finish my gauges. That will be next. Plus better labels and some paint. Stay tune for more update.

Here is update 3 of the dashboard

Ive modded my shifter to add a spliter and range switch on my g25. Please like the video , and dont forget if enough people want a how to video ill do one. Just leave a comment here or on youtube. Thank you

Hello guys. Today I decided to hook up a CB Mic to the computer, so i could talk online. There is a button , so when its press it presses the "v" key in game. If you guys like my video please, press the like button and if you guys want to see how its done, please leave a comment on here, or on youtube. Thank you . Ill also add my other vids.

Update 2 ( Cb mic )

Update 1 (switches)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYDk8hQ ... ue&index=2

dashboard ( Gauge)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QE1dvY ... ue&index=1
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Nice ! I like when people like you create things in real life which is connected to the game. :)
Well done !



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Yeah it is nice to see stuff like this since I have friend who brought junkyard find of Kenworth W900 for $500 and is slowly turning it into simpit. I don't have access to see his progress because he lives on the east coast and I'm in rocky mountain region. I been begging him for update but he keeps me in dark.

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