HOF/Display Problem for Enviro 200 (1 Viewer)

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If you had looked through the General Screenshots topic, you would have known that I am currently making destination displays for Enviro 200 for the newly released Scunthorpe.
Everything is going well except the hof file.
Although the displays do show up, they only show up for a few seconds, then it becomes dark (i.e. empty) again. But if you wait for another few seconds, it comes back up again!
I used the original hof file of C400R and modified it (after Rhys 's help!) in order to show rollblinds.
I have tried many different ways on solving the issue but no luck.
So if you know the solution, please tell me as this will dramatically help the development for the pack and your help will be hugely appreciated. ;) (Also if it does work, then your name will definitively be on the credits list!)


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