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Ilford and District V1.0:

Ilford and District is a heavily W.I.P map being made by myself. It is a London map based on the Ilford area. It will feature many routes and other areas. The map is being made use aerial imagery, in order to make the map as realistic as i can possibly make it. To speed up the development process of the map, i will not be using DEM data, which means there will not be hills etc. This does not mean that the map will lack quality and realism. At the moment, the map is nowhere near being finished and it will take a lot of time and effort to get it to a stage of being finished. The majority of the buildings and scenery objects are being custom made (Besides specific things which will be requirements).

Planned Routes:

I am currently planning out which routes i would like to do. I have many in mind. These include:
  • 396
  • 296
  • 150
  • 128
  • 462
  • 247
  • 169

However, more may be added in the future.


Q - Can I be a Beta Tester?
A - I am not going to be choosing people for Beta Testing as of just yet. I do have a few people in mind already though ;)

Q - How much is done so far?
A - Not much at this stage. Currently I am working on the Ilford Town centre and focusing more on the 396 and 296 routes.

Q - Do you need any help?
A - I'm good for now, however if anyone is good with blender and making objects etc, that would be great

Q - Which Operators will there be?
A - Go-ahead London, Stagecoach London, Arriva London and some others (Maybe)

Anymore questions then feel free to ask below (dont be silly!)


For those who wish to support the project, we have a Patreon set up for donations. Phantom Productions is creating Omsi 2 Content | Patreon




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Will you be potentially expanding on the map after release?

There is still a fair bit of work to be done around the 396, however, once it is ready, I do plan on releasing it and then updating it as each route is completed. In the initial release, there will only be AI buses on the 396. The other routes will implemented over time.
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The initial release will require Addon London as it will use the vehicles for AI. Yes. Also will be using the statics within depots etc too in order to make the map feel more authentic.
Oh. The addon London page on amazon has changed to May 2021. If you are expecting for this to be released before that, maybe you should make a custom ai list or something like that.
Soz if u meant the 3/N3 map.


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