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Hertsfield Extreme

Welcome To Hertsfield Extreme
Hertsfield Extreme a British Map set in the South of England and the UK

The Operator is a fictional company of Swiftling

The Lines available in the release of V1

Line 11
Route 1: Hertsfield Bus Station - Shrewsbury Rail Station (01100/01)
Route 2: Shrewsbury Rail Station - Hertsfield Bus Station (01100/02)

Line 11E
Route 1: Shrewsbury Rail Station - Churt High Street (01110/01)
Route 2: Churt High Street - Shrewsbury Rail Station (01110/02)

Line 12
Route 1: Fishbourne Housing Estate - Hertsfield Bus Station (01200/01)
, Whitehill
Route 2:Hertsfield Bus Station - Fishbourne Housing Estate (01200/01)

Line 13
Route 1: Saltham Trading Estate- Stevensons High Street (01300/01)
Route 2: Stevensons High Street - Saltham Trading Estate (01300/02)
Route 3: Saltham Trading Estate - Whitehill Bus Turning Circle (01300/03)
Route 4: Whitehill Bus Turning Circle - Saltham Trading Estate (01300/04)
Route 5: Stevensons High Street - Whitehill Turning Circle (01300/05)
Route 6: Whitehill Turning Circle - Stevensons High Street (01300/06)

Line 13X (Manually type 13X)
Route 1: Whitehill - Hertsfield College (01300/07)
Route 2: Hertsfield College - Whitehill (01300/08)

Line 14
Route 1: Hertsfield Bus Station - Colton Retail Park (01400/01)
Route 2: Colton Retail Park - Hertsfield Bus Station (01400/02)

Line 14X (Manually type 14X)
Route 1: Colton Retail Park - Hertsfield College via Liphook, Spring Lane Estate & Lake City (01400/03)
Route 2: Hertsfield College - Colton Retail Park via Lake City, Spring Lane Estate & Liphook (01400/04)

Line 15 (Circular CW)
Hertsfield Bus Station - Hertsfield College - Stevensons High Street - Spring Lane Estate - Liphook Town Hall - A450 Services
- Grove Street - Stevensons - Hertsfield (01500/01)

Line 15A (Circular ACW)
Hertsfield Bus Station - Stevensons High Street - Grove Street - A450 Services - Liphook Town Hall - Spring Lane Estate - Stevensons
- Hertsfield Bus Station (01500/02) Manually type in 15A

Park and Ride 1 (Manually type PR1 in)
Route 1: Bath Park and Ride - Saltham Bus Station (00200/01)
Route 2: Saltham Bus Station - Bath Park and Ride (00200/02)

Park and Ride 2 (Manually type PR2 in)
Route 1: Bath Park and Ride - Bath City Centre, Zoo & Aquarium (00300/01)
Route 2: Bath City Centre, Zoo & Aquarium- Bath Park and Ride (00300/02)

Platinum X1
Route 1: Saltham Bus Station - Colton Retail Park (00136/01)
Route 2: Colton Retail Park - Saltham Bus Station (00136/02)

Here are some known questions already answered. So Please don't ask.

Q: How May Lines in V1?
A: 11. See above

Q:What Company is being used?
A: Fictional Company of Swiftling

Q:What Buses will be used?
A: C400R, Regional ALX400, Volvo B7L 1.5 Eclipse, MAN A21, Citaro O530, Citaro O530G {PR's Only} & Caetano Levante {Platinum X1 Only}

Q: When is the Release Date?
A: No Release Date. Yet. I'm still hard at work. Please Don't Ask!

Q: Can I be a tester?
A: No you can't. When it time I will ask people 10 people. Starting with people in discord


Confirmed Repaints

Swiftling Standard
Swiftling Park and Ride
Swiftling Learners School
Swiftling Platinum X1

All repaints are done for the all buses

Please don't ask these questions further down the line. If you do they will not be answered simple as that.

FYI: The Town's of Shrewsbury, Whitehill, Alton and Bath have no resemblance to the towns/cities in real life

Now here are some screenshots of Progress so far.









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Some guy from Croydon innit
Those seats are interesting to say the least... Have a look at the attached image, which is the seats from my Southdown skin. Try and use the seats template properly next time and it might look half bearable atleast, I can tell you're just doing what is done on some other buses where you can just chuck in a seat fabric and it'll work straightaway. As I said there is a seats template and completed it looks like this:


Prepare for trouble! Make it double!
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My heart wants to just say that's an absolutely dreadful combination of colours and is an abomination, but I like to at least try and provide constructive criticism.

So here goes:

The fabric texture is too big
The colours are far too garish
It's definitely not DDA-compliant.

In fact, even Michael Portillo would wince at the colour scheme.



Minestone & Stagecoach South Pack Dev
If you don't want criticism then why are you posting it?
No the repaint is fine it just the seats. Constructive Criticism is fine it when people just Negatively criticism. Now I have one question
Be honest Which one is better the 1st one (Purple/Pink) or the Blue/Cooler Version or neither

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