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Mar 20, 2015
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Hi guys,

I got an problem with the graphics, i cant modif the luminozity at game, is defaulted at half and i cant move it.
Anyone got the ideea what i can do it? My GPU is 1 dedicated GT1 and one normal GF117.

Here is the photo:

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John Necir Rebellion

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Jun 9, 2014
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The Graphics could be lock sometimes I'd experience it too, [First Option] you could change the it directly in the game document folder (C:\Users\"Name of your Computer"\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2) by opening the file named "config.cfg" by notepad or any Text Editor, change the line (uset r_gamma "1") to (uset r_gamma "1.5") and save it into .cfg (not .txt) or [Second Option] Open the config.cfg in the said directory of yours and change the line (uset g_console "0") to (uset g_console "1") and save it into .cfg, Play the game and press the ( ` ) "tiddle key" and type this: "r_gamma 1" (without caption), when setting the brightness you could notice of the changes, you could change the value "1" between 0.01 to 2.00. Please Reply if it fixed.
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