help Im not a qualified sound guy or sound engineer but I need some help (1 Viewer)

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so remember I said I wanted to create a bus for OMSI 2 I was serious about that and I started the bus but it's not perfectly finished. anyways I need to capture the sounds for it because I contacted the manufacturer and I will go in on December 22 they will do test run and I will record but the thing is...... I DON'T KNOW HOW . I have never done anything like this before, never touched recording equipments before and don't know how to go about doing this. I want the sounds just like what you would found if you go to the sounds folder of your bus in OMSI 2.

Pls help does anyone knows how to capture sound for your bus in OMSI 2 so I can have sound effects? I feel like If I don't create this bus I will never see it in OMSI 2 and nothing tried nothing done :(


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