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Recently attempted a heavy transport move, was contracted to haul an old diesel locomotive from Downtown San Francisco to Sacramento California. Below are pictures of the move taken by various sources. The move eventually ended in failure following a mixup between Local PD and State DOT officials in determining routes. Will retry new route at a later date, so keep you eye on this thread over the next few days.

Total trip expected to take 140 miles, approximately 4 hours. Max speed 30 mph, 5-10 while climbing the ramp to the Bay Bridge.

Taken by myself before beginning trip.

Taken by a SFPD officer charged to block the street for my turn.

Taken by a pedestrian impressed by the size and scope of the move.

Taken by pilot car driver after warning me of potential danger.

Epic failure on DOT routers, not able to clear Bay Bridge, will have to return to San Francisco and attempt crossing Golden Gate in 24 hours.

Will post my new trip across the Golden Gate tomorrow, hopefully.
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Began my next attempt, after some debates on routing, SFPD finally allowed me to go through downtown along the waterfront instead of the hilly old town. Crossed the Golden Gate and barely squeezed through a tunnel that caught all of us off guard.

Taken by a businessman near the trolley line in Downtown.

Taken by a homeowner as I passed along the waterfront on my way to the Golden Gate.

Talking to Tollgate attendant who demanded paperwork clearing me to cross the Golden Gate, paperwork signed by the Governor of California himself.

Sunrise on the Golden Gate, taken by a passenger of a car passing the convoy.

Some anxious moments here as I was forced to ride down the center of the road to get enough clearance through the entire mile long stretch of tunnel at the end of the Golden Gate.

Nearing San Rafael, people line the streets to catch a glimpse of the move.

Tight fit turning into San Rafael off the freeway.

Parked at San Rafael as city officials organize the route and take down low hanging power lines.

Will finish trip to Sacramento later today. Hope you are enjoying the trip. ;)


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I like how this is like a story - I seem to be following it like a documentary! :P

...anyone else or am I just crazy? (Not that I didn't already know! :) )


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Arrived in Sacramento today, 7 hours behind schedule, thankfully the client was understanding and agreed to a new contract due to rerouting issues. So I still ended up making money off the move. The parking job was a pain though, one of the more challenging spots in the game so far, not counting some Walbert jobs. Though I do wonder what a gas station wants with this old diesel locomotive...?

Welcome to Sacramento indeed. The end of a long and challenging run.

Yes, I know I am keeping you from your very important appointment with your friends. Let me see you guys try backing this behemoth in this spot.

Hey! Who put this sign here?!!

Whew! Not perfect, but it works. Now time to get paid.

Final load info. (Shocked to discover it took me 17+ hours to deliver this load over some 200 miles.)

@Carrythxd This is the mod I use. http://atsmods.lt/trailer-oversize-evolution/

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