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jonathonlawrence_316 submitted a new download:

Heavier London Citybus 400R - Increases the weight of the London C400R (Enviro 400)

Hello all, This is just a simple mod which makes the C400R (Enviro 400) heavier to A) its fully loaded weight and B) its semi loaded weight.

There is 6 .bus files available which will NOT overwrite any of your current .bus files so do not fear.

Bus variants available are:
C400R DIWA Semi Loaded
C400R DIWA Fully Loaded
C400RX Semi Loaded
C400RX Fully Loaded
C400R Semi Loaded
C400R Fully Loaded

Credits go to: UKDT for making the London Citybus C400R
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OMSI already has it programmed that when a bus is loaded it affects weight, if set up correctly in the .bus file, I notice this on Gladbeck/Rhur map with the SB91 from 1700 to around 1900


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In short this changes the
The ALX400 is released...
do you even read previous comments ?

please do release the alx400
i will do so mate, wont take me too long, i feel as though the heavy mod i made really does let you use the kick down of the ALX and ALXR really well

I have a few mods waiting approval now, hopefully by the end of the week they will be available to you all for download, thanks for supporting my mods :D

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