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Apr 1, 2016
Hiya folks, yes im still here. Its being a while since ive being active and well thats life. While ive being gone i have slowly being working away and expanding the infamous Harrothorpe. Although its marmite to some this original map now boasts in excess of 25 different services operated by a variety of operators. I first released it at Christmas 2015 as a work in progress and the map has come along way since then. Here are a few of the facts:

What is Harrothorpe:
For those newbies on the scene Harrothorpe has being my flagship map alongside Humber Buses (a re-release of that coming soon!) for my YouTube channel and has being in development a few years. It is a fully fictional map that reflects locations i have visited and routes and buses i have sampled. Due to this, you may recognize some of the place names but i must stress most look very different in my map!

Harrothorpe is old:
For those of you who have being around a few years you will remember the sagas with this map. Due to the size of Harrothorpe no matter how much i try to improve it the map will never compare to such recent and modern creations. The map is merely being worked on as a traditional map for those who like to do shifts and add a level of realism with passing buses and various interworking duties between services. I pride myself on the variety the map has in AI buses and routes with realistic fleetlists and different bus depots (ie more than one FirstGroup operation!).

What routes are on Harrothorpe:
The map features the current routes all in different states of progress:
No. Route (Operator)
1 Leeds – Ashton (First Leeds)
2 Leeds – Knapton (Arriva)
2A Leeds – Cross Gates (Arriva)
40 Leeds – Middleton (First Leeds)
40A Leeds – Middleton (First Leeds)
56 Motherwell – North Motherwell (JMB Travel)
90 Leeds – Mecca Bingo (First Leeds)
96 Hebden Bridge – Malton (TM Travel)
155 Malton – Hessle (EYMS)
241 Airport – North Motherwell (First Motherwell)
242 Motherwell – Hebden Bridge (First Motherwell)
273 Ratchard – Tottington (First Leeds)
468 Leeds – Tottington (First Leeds)
469 Leeds – Tottington (Arriva)
500 Leeds – Airport (First Leeds)
501 Leeds – Poppleton P&R (First Leeds)
507 Leeds – Shipley – Baildon (First Leeds)
519 Leeds – Cross Green (First Leeds)
535 Leeds – Malton (First Leeds) Sundays ONLY
590 Leeds – Malton – Whitby (First Leeds)
591 Leeds – Malton – Hessle (First Leeds)
592 Leeds – Malton – Riddlesden (First Leeds)
626 Leeds – Baildon (First Leeds) Sundays ONLY
757 Leeds – Shipley – Airport (Arriva)
F1 Leeds – Middleton (Arriva)
X1 Leeds – Malton (First Leeds)
X11 Leeds – Motherwell (First Motherwell)
X14 Leeds – Baildon (Geldards)
X55 Leeds – Malton – Hessle (EYMS)
N40 Leeds - Middleton (First Leeds)
N50 Leeds - Airport (First Leeds)
N59 Leeds - Baildon (First Leeds)

All those listed are drive-able but some routes may have unfinished scenery that needs working on. The map further down puts all the routes into prospective.

Will the map ever be released:
Well i hope so! I am aware many folk will ask that question and trust me ive asked it myself a few times but there is no release date yet but i do plan to release this map so that you can have as much fun driving the routes as i do! This is a change from the inital plan on the terms that people remember this is a freeware map that i take great pride in and have spent 3 years of my life working on. Any negative comments against the map then the change in decision may revert back.

How to get involved in the project:
There are a few things you can do to contribute to the project and make the map reflect more of the needs of the community. Firstly, there are a number of outdated objects present on the map, if you see these in any screenshots feel free to suggest an alternative asset to use instead.

Inspiration collage: I do sometimes get to the stage where i run out of ideas believe it or not! If you have any ideas of routes to include of liveries you wish to see on the map please let me know either below or in private message and ill see what i can do, after all the map is for the community!

Credits and notices:
Around a year ago sections of the map were updated by my friend Jamie Lowes (basically the nice bits of the map!) so he takes full credit for those areas that really make the map look nice. Finally, i am aware of the negative stigma of this map but i would like everyone to have an open mind. It has being a while since ive publicly done progress on the map and a lot has changed.

Here are some lovely screenshot: (btw some edited repaints you see are for private use only, if they are released i will seek full permission prior to doing so)
Harrothorpe Map.jpg






Melvin Williams

The Fat in the Hat
Oct 24, 2016
I hate to be a Grammar Nazi and I know this isn’t the kindest thing to say but it’s Edition not Addition. The difference is uncanny
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