ATS Hank's enterprises needs ur help


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Jul 22, 2015
We at
Hank's enterprises are looking for drivers at all levels and are over the age of 18. We are a small company of friendly drivers and we and we help each other in issues come up. We have a main headquarters in Phoenix. the main goal is just to have fun. This company mostly plays ATS only. But ets2 i can set up. We are looking for one driver can help make a company profile for trucksbooks. If you want to see how the company is going feel free

To join you need to have trucksbook account and their client. if you don't have Trucksbook you can get it at
To check out the site. hope to have an interview soon

Here are the rules

1. don't go over 75MPH
2. don't be rude

more rules will be added if issues come up.

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