Had a load and GPS took me down a road that didn't allow commercial vehicles? (1 Viewer)


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I don't recall where I was, just that I was headed from NM to CA. Had only a few hours left in the trip, when I get to a gate saying commercial vehicles aren't allowed and that I had to turn around. Traffic behind me, ended up hitting the car behind me like 7 times trying to turn around. Wound up paying $12,000 and just leaving the load there. Is there a way to avoid this? IF I were able to turn around, I would have had to take a ~6 hour detour super far North in order to get to my destination. Just wondering if this is somewhat common, and if there's a way to avoid this in the future. Thanks in advance!
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The only road I know where this happens is the road through the Yosemite National Park. Technically, you can drive on the side of the road and go through with a trailer (you will be fine though).

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