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Bus Mods [Growl] View modification for RHD O530FL (1 Viewer) 1.0

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Masterswitch Studios
The_Growl submitted a new download:

[Growl] View modification for RHD O530FL - Makes the RHD Citaro FL a lot easier and enjoyable to drive.

A view modification for the RHD Citaro. Allows you to see the right mirror, reduces angle change when looking right, and moves you further back.

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How do I install the mod?

This mod will overwrite files. Backup if you are not happy with the mod.

To install the mod, first, delete the existing .bus files in the directory for the vehicle in OMSI 2\Vehicles\Citaro...
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Living in the editor
Perfect, I was going to adjust the cabin cameras too so you're not siting viewing the glass by the exit doors, especially the middle seats towards the bellow.

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