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We are a brand new trucking group that just formed and is trying to recruit members do do more convoys together in the future. Our goal is to make an organised convoy with as many people as possible. Most experienced and no reckless drivers please.

Rules to join:
1. Age limit 14.
2. Must have experience in ATS Multiplayer.
3. Please have a decent internet not rubber banding at 90% of the times I know peoples ping and computers aren't the best so I will make exceptions for it.
4. Must do at least 3 smooth drives with the owner of GMCTrucking to get qualified to join.
5. No trolling.
6.Please have your world of trucks account activated and working on the game as it will make it so much easier to pick up loads from the same place Thanks! :)

And that's about it! Hope to see ya'll soon :D

Also please apply here as well on my steam group and post here if you are joining as well so I know who is joining. Again Thanks :D

Steam Group:

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Welcome to TruckSim - good luck to your VTC! How's about some more information about your goals, etc? Maybe a picture of your truck? :)

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