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Global Legacy Freight - It's your chance to explore the world

Global Legacy Freight is a professional run VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) that runs on ETS and ATS on both Multiplayer and Singleplayer platforms
We are a group of trucking enthusiasts who are able to go trucking whilst making great friends along the way and adding new members daily and we are open to people from all around the world and we encourage diversity within all of our members.
We offer a wide variety of divisions within the company such as; Heavy Haul, Standard Fright, Fuels and many more! Some of us at Global Legacy Freight do come from trucking backgrounds and we are lead to believe that this is helping us achieve the more realistic side of the company and enhancing a better experience for everyone who is involved with Global Legacy Freight in and around Global Legacy Freight

Check out our new positions within GLF!
G4S - Convoy Control | FS17 Farm Hand | VTC Driver / Manager ★ ★
[email protected][email protected]

【« ❑ Global Legacy Freight is only looking for members 15+ if you are under 15 please email [email protected] ❑»】

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