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Get Along Trucking is recruiting now! Here at Get Along Trucking, we believe in pushing ourselves to the limit and giving the competition a run for their money. We are a new company that look's forward to having new people join and have a great time with us. We believe that all drivers can be great driver's with the right training, here at Get Along Trucking we have an amazing staff that can help with anything and anything you need. Here we don't consider you as an employee, we consider you as family. We might be new and not have as many staff as other company's but joining a company when it's new can be an awesome choice. You have a better chance of getting promoted. We have no monthly mile's but would recommend staying active. We have a few rules that should be followed for the best possible experience.
-Treat other's with respect, (this should be obvious)
-Follow all Truckersmp rules, you are allowed to go 5 over the posted speed limit
There are also some more rules that should be common sense.
-Can't have an active ban on Trucker'sMP
-Have to have over 1,000 mile's on Truck'sBook, (exceptions can be made)
-Have to be 13+, (exceptions can be made)
Otherwise, everyone is welcome and would be welcomed to our family
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