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Hi All.
I recently downloaded freyfurt and are REALLY enjoying this map, having driven part of it whilst messing around with some bus mods, and additionally, driven it once doing an actual route start-to-finish - I did route 63, in either a VAN-HOOL or the MB O-535 (which I sort of inherited thanks to another map, which I've yet to get working - begins with E, but name escapes me atm ).

I've noticed the map file (which lists the routes in a London Underground fashion) shows a route 60 - but I didn't see any place on the list (where you can drop your bus to start at) which was at the start & end of this line - any ideas guys?



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The route map was, so far as I'm aware, a plan which was never completed. Unfortunate, because while it was a very simple map scenically I really enjoyed driving it, the route selection and rotas were really nice.

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