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Hello truckers,
Looking for a VTC, look no further, Freight First Ltd are looking for new drivers and managers. We are a small starting company that drives all over Europe delivering all types of goods and we would like you to be part of that communtiy. In our company we have a Tracker and a Jobs logger to save you the hassle of logging your jobs manually. Our haulage firm carries all sorts of trailers going from curtainsiders to tanker trailers. We also have a Heavy Haulage department for those of you who want a challenge and change of trailer.
If you do decide to join our VTC then we DO require you to have your limiter on at all times and when ever you are driving that you have the tracker and job logger open at all times. If you are caught breaking our rules, we will punish you depending on the violation you have commited. We also have a running Discord server for you, this will include a drivers lounge for you to hang out in with fellow drivers, also a driving room for when you are driving from A-B. Also if you need to speak to any managers then there are waiting rooms below their offices.
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Management Spots:
CEO - Baz
COO/Web Dev -Charlie
HR - Josh
Recruitment Manager - VACANT
Heavy Haulage Manager - Jamie
Driving Instructor - VACANT

If you would like to join our VTC click here to go to our website to contact us and our HR Manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope to see you in our VTC soon,

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Welcome to TruckSim - I like the orange on your trucks... Where have I seen that before? ;)

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