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Mar 25, 2018
Apologies for not updating recently - I've been busy going college related gubbins. I have been working on custom junctions and roundabouts and such for the map, and will provide a proper update when they are completed. In the meantime, I have started to update the *.hof files. If you are interested in such things, here's a short video demonstrating the various destinations at your disposal.
Awesome looking forward keep up the good work :D

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Feb 14, 2017

Luxury travel for the average commute.

In summer 2015, ConEx launch an extended service X94, now renumbered X52, running between Peth and Cernby. It also interworks with service 152, with both services running every 30 minutes. ConEx purchased 10 Citybus 400RX vehicles specially for the services, which were branded under a new brand: ConEx Gold.

ConEx Gold offers a more luxurious journey. Real leather, padded seating to offer as much comfort as possible, accompanied with the warmth of wooden flooring. Service X52 calls at all stops in Cernby, then runs limited stop to Peth Interchange, running via the A171 from Malby, coming off only to serve Frantham. Service 152 calls at all stops between Cernby and Frantham, operating via Malby, Jiston, Farnham and the scenic Moors Road.

The launch of ConEx Gold co-incides with the opening of ConEx's new depot near Malby, from which the services will operate.

Services 152 and X52 are not drivable in the beta, however, I intend them to be drivable in the final version.




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Cameron's Gaming

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Feb 14, 2017

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, but I'm feeling pretty burnt out by this map right now. I've decided to only release the map with service 60 completed, along with some AI routes, and NO chrono events. The map will only use the Citybus 400R, Masterbus StreetDeck (when it releases), Volvo B7L and Mercedes Citaro. I will provide alternative AIlists which also include the StreetLite when it is released. I'm also re-doing all the splines so that they don't use Iomex's pack (no offence!) - this is because I can't find anything that includes the full pack (I was using what was included in Cotterell 1.0, or whatever the previous version was, but the update appears to have taken a lot of it out for some reason). I'[ll be changing the front page to relectf these changes and my dreadful typing askills.